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Premises Liability

Premises liability is known to attorneys as the liability of landowners for injuries or other torts that occur on that landowner's property.  Whether you are at a friend's house, shopping for groceries, or spending time at an amusement park with your family, you have the right to expect that you will be safe from bodily injury.  Injury could occur from any number of hazardous conditions existing on someone else's property.  The most common types of premises liability injuries are listed below


  • Slip and fall.  There is a spill in a grocery store which the store employees know about but fail to clean up.  Someone slips and falls because of the condition, and is injured.

  • Inadequate maintenance.  A person visiting a home or business is injured because of a fallen tree limb, debris, lack of a fence around a swimming pool, or a hidden hole in the ground.  Any of these conditions represent inadequate maintenance on the part of the landowner. 

  • Defective conditions.  The person who owns the property knows about a broken faucet or rickety stairs but doesn't post a sign or alert their guest.  If the guest cuts their hand on the faucet or falls through the stairs, the injury was caused by a defective condition, and the injured person will have a premises liability claim.

  • Inadequate security.  Accidents frequently happen in "common areas" that are supposed to be maintained by the property owner.  Oftentimes someone will hurt themselves due to a condition in a parking garage, a laundromat or on the grounds of an apartment complex.  Even if you are not sure who owns the property where you were injured because it is a "common area," you may have a premises liability claim.  You should consult with an attorney to find out what your rights are under the law.