Sean S.

“Could not be more grateful than to have met Matt over at the Bronson firm! My daughter and I was involved in a tragic car accident in late 2017 (thank God we were able to walk out of it alive), and the other party was definitely at fault. Given that we knew we would have a case, my wife sought to find the best attorney specializing in accidents and that led us to Matt and the Bronson firm. We were able to meet with Matt a day or two after the first phone call, and when we did, he was already so prepared even with the little details given to him via a short phone call prior to. Ever since that day, he has truly gone to bat for my family and I and gave us the reassurance that he would do his best to help us with this case. He made it loud and clear that there was no promises or guarantees and we appreciated his honesty, but with his level of knowledge of the law and his tenacity, our case was won! Prior to hiring Matt, several friends and family members suggested that I just represent myself and save myself the attorney fees; but seeing ALL of the work that Matt had to do, there was no way I could have done any of that one my own, nor knew what to do. Hiring Matt was the PERFECT decision!”