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We take cases to trial when a wrongdoer refuses to be held fully accountable for the damages caused by the wrongs. 

This is usually because the wrongdoer's insurance company refuses to pay what it owes to close a case.

The Bronson Firm APC in San Diego is dedicated to standing up for the rights of people who have been injured or wronged.  You can reach us now at (619) 374-4130.

As a personal injury law firm in San Diego, we have two primary goals.  Our first goal: to provide an environment where an attorney dedicated to personal client service ensures that every client's case receives individual attention.  Trial Attorney Steve Bronson works hard to ensure that injured individuals and consumers obtain a full and fair recovery that will "balance the scales" against all of the damages suffered. 

Our second goal:  to help make the city, state, and country safer, fairer, and to "level the playing field" for ordinary people.

Steve Bronson believes that part of his mission as an attorney, and one of his duties to his clients, is to strive toward keeping clients and others safe and protected in the future.  We want our cases to make a difference, to cause corporations and companies to change their ways.  In a toxic exposure case, Steve Bronson has received a $320 Million punitive damage award from a jury that sent a message to polluters.   Steve Bronson took a case to trial against a drunk driver, even after all responsible insurance companies had paid their coverage limits, because our clients asked us to send a message.  The jury in that case sent a loud message to drunk drivers, an $89 Million message.  Steve Bronson fights insurance companies to make sure that when people pay their premiums each month and then suffer a covered loss, that the insurance companies properly pay the claims for the full and fair amount of the claim.  If the insurance companies do not, they can be subject to punitive damages.

Many people think, "I would never file a lawsuit", or "I would never sue anyone" - until something tragic and terrible happens to them or a loved one due to the fault and negligence of another.  We understand that the legal process can seem intimidating and scary, and we work with our clients to make the process run as smoothly as possible. 

Please click on our Practice Areas menu for a full description of the types of cases that we focus on.  Our practice areas include serious personal injuries, car accidents and crashes, motorcycle accidents and crashes, commercial truck accidents and crashes, plane crashes, product liability, insurance bad faith, insurance fraud, employment litigation, traumatic brain injury and other head injuries, toxic torts, chemical exposures, wrongful death, premises liability, consumer class actions, birth injuries, prescription drug and pharmaceutical injury, and medical malpractice. Please contact us with any case that you are interested in pursuing.


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