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With the great weather we are so proud of in San Diego, many people flock to the water to fish, swim, use their boat or jet ski.  

However, everyone's enjoyment of the water is always subject to the safety of those around them.  When a negligent act, such as speeding or drunk boating, leads to a boat crash or other horrific injury, we can help. 

There are over one million boats registered in the state of California, with the second-highest boating accident and water-sport accident rate in the nation.  

The owner of the boat or watercraft may be responsible for your personal injury if he or she operated the boat in a negligent manner, failed to provide you with life jackets, or caused a collision.  

The manufacturer of a boat or watercraft may be responsible due to a defect in the engine or the design.   

If you have been injured in an accident while boating, fishing, water skiing or rafting you should speak with an experienced lawyer immediately at The Bronson Firm APC to protect your legal rights.


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