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For years, Steve Bronson of The Bronson Firm APC has been successfully defending consumer rights.  

We have brought consumer class action cases on behalf of individuals who are fighting back against fraud, mortgage fraud, failure to pay employees all wage owed including overtime, property damage, and unfair competition.  

The class action lawsuit has been the most effective way for individual consumers who have been harmed through a uniform business practice to sue a company or corporation as a group.

We have successfully argued cases which established precedents expanding the rights of home buyers and consumers under the consumer protection laws.  

We have also recovered damages for consumers who were defrauded into purchasing Option ARM loans - the same loans that brought the economy to the brink of economic collapse - by using loan documents that failed to disclose that the loan's principal balance was guaranteed to increase with each payment made, resulting in a loss of equity in the home.  

If you think you may have a case, please contact The Bronson Firm APC.


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