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Premises Liability


The technical term is Premises Liability cases and they are more important than you might think in terms of keeping the community safe. 

Businesses account for a large portion of the habitable real estate in San Diego County and our local laws depend on cases like these to make sure those businesses are held accountable for how they manage that real estate. 

In the past 20 years there have been dozens of successful Premises Liability cases in San Diego County, which has helped develop a culture among key industries such as hospitality, real estate development and retail that promotes safety and community values. 
Local businesses and landlords have a responsibility to make sure their property is safe. In exchange for our business, we expect those in our community to fix dangers and protect us all from harm.  

When these accidents occur it’s usually happens when a business places profit over safety – they cut corners and important safety measures are often overlooked. For example, hiring more staff to keep floors clean and dry, having a proper system in place to make sure that spills are cleaned up in a timely fashion, or having a protocol in place for when it rains.  Maintenance can often be an issue too. A common occurrence is when an apartment complex landlord doesn’t fix dangerous areas of the property and as a result, somebody is injured. Slip and fall cases are intended to prevent simple safety matters from causing serious injuries, broken bones, unnecessary medical bills, brain injuries, and in the worst cases, wrongful death.

Often times these types of cases affect the most vulnerable citizens such as elderly and the disabled who – more than the rest of us – rely on safe walkways.
Frequently, these types of cases involve a fall or trip or slip. Many times, injured victims do not consider calling a personal injury lawyer because they blame themselves. They believe it is their own fault for not looking where they were going, or not being more careful.  While it is true that everybody has to take responsibility for their own actions – the same is true for property owners and landlords. Business owners have a responsibility too – to make sure their business is safe for everybody, even the elderly and distracted, to walk.

If you have reservations about contacting a personal injury attorney in San Diego, we completely understand. This can be a complex and sometimes difficult process. We do our best to make this easy for you while using your experience to make the community safer for everyone else.
Or just fill out a simple form and get in touch with us. The only way to find out if you have a valid case and to help make your community safer is by speaking with a Slip and Fall attorney with years of experience.


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