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Uber, Lyft, Bird Cases

Rideshare services are becoming commonplace in American cities. The most prominent ones are Uber and Lyft, and there has been a significant growth in the scooter-sharing sector as well. While these products are extremely convenient and can make city traveling more simplified, they come with a whole set of risks. When those risks result in harm of any kind, it may become a product liability case. In a product liability case – the business is responsible for harming others with their products if the product was unsafe, had a poor design, or had a manufacturing defect. A product liability lawyer helps hold these companies accountable by taking them to court.

New technologies come with new risks.  For example, with Uber and Lyft getting a car and driver is easier than ever.  As with everything, this wonderful new technology and platform comes with hidden risks. There has been an increasing amount of ridesharing accidents over the last few years. This is due to the fact that a number of these drivers are not qualified to drive and use these ridesharing accounts. Normally getting an Uber or Lyft account is very easy – however some people fail the criminal background check or the DMV driving background check.  Some people don’t even have a driver’s license! These people, who are a danger to everybody – especially their passengers – trade Uber accounts when a friend lets them log in on their phone and drive with their Uber account. There is an emerging black market contributing to the rise of ridesharing incidents. Unqualified Uber drivers are purchasing accounts off of people or giving them a portion of their income to use their account.

As a result, there are numerous cases where an unregistered “fake” Uber driver, picks up a passenger and the unthinkable happens. There have been assaults, rapes, thefts and rideshare accidents just to name a few. Because these companies are offering the idea of an open-sourced ridesharing platform as their product, these are all grounds for a product liability case.  

Uber and Lyft liability lawyers have been taking these companies to trial more frequently, but because the companies want to protect their technology and their platform, they are fighting very hard and refusing to take responsibility. San Diego has an immense network of ridesharing employees, and more of the city’s population are starting to use this technology in their daily life. We feel it is our responsibility to fight for the safety of our community and our highways using our expertise in Product Liability law.

The 2nd set of product liability cases comes from the popular electric scooter trend that has been recently growing. These electric scooters follow a similar ridesharing philosophy. While the dangers of unqualified drivers don’t affect the electric scooter world, the dangers of faulty manufacturing certainly do. There have been several cases in the San Diego area alone regarding scooter ridesharing companies. The majority of these cases are based on faulty products that have caused serious bodily injuries to those riding them. These emerging companies are creating business models that haven’t been tested before and are therefore introducing new risks that need to be mitigated. If you have been injured while riding one of these electric scooters and feel it was in any way to do with the design of the scooter, or the ridesharing program please get in touch with us. We want to make sure the company responsible is brought to justice and create a precedent so that other victims can do the same. By taking them to court and winning, they will be forced to improve their product, revisit their terms of use, and decrease risk and injury to future customers and the San Diego community at large.

The Bronson Firm has handled various product liability cases over the years with an outstanding success rate. Even if you aren’t certain about pursuing legal action, we would love to hear from you so we can explore your case.

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