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You go to a physician to make certain that you are healthy.  However, in the event that you are not well, you expect that the medical professional in charge of your care will do everything in their power to help you recover from any sickness or injury. If you or a loved one has been injured or died because of the negligence or irresponsibility of a physician, emergency room staff, nurse, chiropractor, or other healthcare professional, The Bronson Firm APC can help.

We have the legal experience necessary and the resources available to put years of experience to work for our clients.

We are available to handle all serious personal injury and wrongful death cases related to the following medical malpractice matters:

  • Birth injury, including cerebal palsy, shoulder dysplasia, and Erb's palsy

  • Anesthesia errors resulting in brain injury, paralysis or death

  • Surgical errors in orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, urological, abdominal and cardiovascular surgery

  • Failure to timely diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, serious infection and other conditions

We are caring and compassionate attorneys who understand the significant challenges posed by medical malpractice injuries. As such, our firm wants to secure you financial compensation for the injuries, disabilities, losses and harms you have sustained. To do this, we will exhaust all necessary resources, from the most current technology, to recruiting the top medical care experts.  We will take every step necessary to build you an effective case.


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