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Insurance bad faith is the term used for an insurance company's mistreatment of its policyholders. Insurance companies are under an implied obligation of good faith and fair dealing.  When an insurance company violates that obligation, by doing such things as refusing to settle a policyholder's claim, or offering an amount lower than the contract stipulates, the insurance company is likely engaging in bad faith conduct. 

Many individuals do not call a lawyer when this occurs, because they do not realize that the insurance company is likely breaking the law.  

Like other businesses, insurance companies operate for profit. When insurance companies put their profits over people --- their insured--- by keeping money rightfully owed to their insured--- then the insured is entitled to recovery from the insurance company.  

Determining whether an insurance company has acted with bad faith is a complex matter. 

Before you file a claim for bad faith against an insurance company, you should be aware of the details and facts which determine bad faith.  It is important that you speak with an attorney . 

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